Get started with Microsoft Viva Topics

I guess you have heard about the employee experience platform Microsoft Viva and the four areas:

  • Viva Learning – Skilling and growth
  • Viva Topics – Knowledge and expertise
  • Viva Connections – Culture and communication
  • Viva Insights – Productivity and wellbeing
The four pillars of Microsoft Viva: Learning – Topics – Connections – Insights

Microsoft Viva Topics is a powerful tool to connect knowledge, as well as enable a higher degree of sharing and managing knowledge across your organization and build knowledge communities. This could in turn surface and bring to you what matter, in the right context, with the help of AI, the Microsoft 365 platform and the Microsoft Viva Add-on service.

Please check out my blog at Microsoft Tech Community and get some tips of what to think about and what to do to pave the way for optimal use of the Microsoft Viva platform.

Get started with Microsoft Viva Topics – Microsoft Tech Community

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