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With Copilot by your side

*Cover image created by Bing ChatGPT You know that feeling of excitement and anticipation we had when we were kids waiting for a friend to…

Way to work and collaborate

SharePoint Views

This page I will use to share some good practice for using the “View functionality” in SharePoint document libraries. SharePoint consists basically of 3 things:…


Microsoft Teams & SharePoint

Got an appointment? Book it in Teams!

Good news for everyone in the business of serving others: Microsoft has launched the new Virtual Appointments via Microsoft Teams! In Virtual Appointments with Microsoft…

Take care! Slå ring!

Illustration image courtesy: Library in House of Scientists, Lviv UkraineSet in the Old Town of Lviv, this architectural gem was built in 1898. Today it…


Counting down to ESPC21 Online

In just under 3 weeks, I will be delivering my session: Microsoft MOCA and Possibilities at ESPC21 Online this June. ESPC (European SharePoint, Office 365 & Azure Conference)…

Community Rocks

Sommerhilsen – Summer Greeting

Norwegian Microsoft 365 Community Sommertid! 🌞🍓👒🍉😎 Digitale superhelter trenger også å lade batteria! Ta fri, nyt sommeren og de rundt deg! 🦸‍♀️🦸‍♂️- styret Norwegian Microsoft…


Coming together is a beginning;Keeping together is progress;Working together is Success.- Henry Ford Did you know that there are some great expertise communities? Join and…

My life – my part of the world

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