Gifts that keep on giving

24 Collaboration celebrations – No.6 December 16th, a few days more and my family and I are getting into the Christmas spirits! This time the blog will not be that very technology related. Hopefully, I will bring you some tips to make this a lovely period, whether you celebrate Christmas or not. 🎶For us ChristmasContinue reading “Gifts that keep on giving”


24 collaboration celebrations – No. 5 SharePoint – such a mysterious word, or perhaps a mysterious platform? It is one of those things you either love or hate. So many times when I have been talking with friends, colleagues and customers, and mentioned SharePoint, some became soft in their eyes and smiled, others have mentallyContinue reading “ShaShaShaSharePoint”

Your people – hearts to guard

24 collaboration celebrations – No. 3 Friday afternoon, on the 3rd of December 2021, I am sitting here feeling grateful for all the wonderful people I have in my life and the different ways they touch me, and I am grateful for working in a company that lives and breathe empathetic leadership. 💖 💡Inspired byContinue reading “Your people – hearts to guard”

How’s your intranet doing these days?

24 days of collaboration celebrations – No. 2 Next gen intranet? ❌✔️❔Somebody said some years back that intranet is dead. Now it is all about fast messaging and such, and only to use Slack, Zoom and Microsoft Teams type of communication tools for intranet. ⏳Still, the years have passed, and even after a pandemic whereContinue reading “How’s your intranet doing these days?”

24 days of collaboration celebrations – No. 1

Inspired by Tracy van der Schyff from her #Microsoft365challenge where she wrote 365 blogs in 365 days about Microsoft 365, and I wanting to challenge myself, as well as asking people what they actually want to learn more about, I decided to ask YOU what I could write about in my blog. Now, realizing theContinue reading “24 days of collaboration celebrations – No. 1”

Get started with Microsoft Viva Topics

I guess you have heard about the employee experience platform Microsoft Viva and the four areas: Viva Learning – Skilling and growth Viva Topics – Knowledge and expertise Viva Connections – Culture and communication Viva Insights – Productivity and wellbeing Microsoft Viva Topics is a powerful tool to connect knowledge, as well as enable a higherContinue reading “Get started with Microsoft Viva Topics”

Sommerhilsen – Summer Greeting

Norwegian Microsoft 365 Community Sommertid! 🌞🍓👒🍉😎 Digitale superhelter trenger også å lade batteria! Ta fri, nyt sommeren og de rundt deg! 🦸‍♀️🦸‍♂️ – styret Norwegian Microsoft 365 Community Kjære venner, Da nærmer sommeren seg med stormskritt! Vi har bak oss et spesielt år, et år hvor vi i fagnettverket Norwegian Microsoft 365 plutselig måtte endreContinue reading “Sommerhilsen – Summer Greeting”


Coming together is a beginning; Keeping together is progress; Working together is Success. – Henry Ford Did you know that there are some great expertise communities? Join and keep learning and growing in an exceptional and friendly environment! Norwegian Microsoft 365 Communtity (#NOM365C/NOM365 Community) Independent and non-profit Norwegian Community for knowledge and experience exchange onContinue reading “#CommunityRocks”

ESPC21 interview and panel debate

On June 2nd I was one of the speakers at the annual conference ESPC21, this time online. It was a great conference, lots of exciting sessions, I am still going through the different sessions I didn’t get a chance to see. A big thank you and appreciation of the hard work put down from theContinue reading “ESPC21 interview and panel debate”