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We are living in uncertain times, and history shows that in uncertain times some companies cease to exist and others blooms. Why this happens have many answers and I guess none of us have all them.

Still, what matters is what YOU and your company is doing TODAY to ensure that you are a blossoming organization that can

  • Withstand whatever comes your way
  • Attract and retain great people with great minds and great hearts
  • Build a positive, innovative and inclusive culture and team
  • Explore new and improve business opportunities
  • Be digital pioneers in your fields

The HR leader leads the way!

The above list has big and unrealistic words you may argue. However, there are many things you can do to do this, and one of these is putting your HR leader in one of your driving seats, and for the HR leader to actively and intentionally take that position.

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The HR department is much more than hour counting, off- and onboarding, salaries and pensions management, and all the other necessary operational activities. The HR department can be an important catalysator and contributor to innovation and for the company to be a forward-leaning organization.

  • How involved is your HR department in your organization’s strategies and target settings?
  • Do your HR department have the right resources and competency to effectively and smartly perform both their operational and strategical activities and tasks?
  • Do your HR department have great relations and communication with the rest of the organization?
  • Does your HR department own the competency and skilling process?
  • Does your HR department own a knowledge and tech champion network to drive competency and skilling initiatives?

⛓️🥰If the HR leader and the HR department have close and strong relations with everyone in the organization, as well as the outside world, they can be a catalysator and collaboration partner for new ideas and solutions.

🚘For the HR department to do this they need a leader with drive to take their place in the driving seat, and they should get the right tools, support, mandate, competency and skills to do this.

👉🏽What could help bring the HR leader to drive an innovative and forward leaning HR department is:

✔️Make sure that the HR department has

  • The right and enough resources and competency to work efficiently and smart (hint: Champions network)
  • Good communication and rapport with the rest of the organization
  • A good understanding of and preferably has a saying when it comes to the company strategy and goals
  • A good insight in the labour market and are able to attract and retain the best people
  • The right mandate to invest and prioritize activities

💡Competency areas important for the HR department moving forward:

Activities that can help HR leaders and HR departments to build great relations and rapport within their organization and outside:

  • 🏄🏽‍♀️HR leader and HR representatives participate on social events and happenings
  • 🗓️HR leader and HR representatives run regular and non-regular meetings with employees
  • 🚪Open two-way door policy, not only the physical office door, it is more about using digital tools such as Microsoft Teams channels, Viva Engage communities, sharing videos and short stories on Viva Connections, Viva Learning and SharePoint pages, to bring what’s happening in HR and in the organization linked to the company values and visions. And, it’s very important that HR does not sit and wait for someone to enter the open door, rather that HR initiates dialogue and invites people in through the open door.
  • 📚HR leader and HR representatives get updated and skilled on digital tools like Microsoft 365, Microsoft Viva and eventually Microsoft Copilot and
    • use these actively as natural part of their workday
    • train the rest of the organization the same
  • 🧭HR leader and HR representatives own and are leading the prepare-for-AI-process (Copilot-ready) in the organization
Happy employees thrives, are happy, innovative, resilient and ready for the future. Image created by Bing.

💡Perhaps time to change the definition of HR?

Inspired by my colleague @Lesley Crook, the Viva Visionary, we thought perhaps HR can be redefined from Human Resources to Human Relations (and never defined as Human Remains)? Ref. PR = Public Relations and CIPD | CIPD The Professional Body for Human Resources and People Development

Word explanations:

rap·port [raˈpɔː] NOUN

  1. a close and harmonious relationship in which the people or groups concerned understand each other’s feelings or ideas and communicate well:”she was able to establish a good rapport with the children” · “she had an instant rapport with animals” · “there was little rapport between them”

🙋🏽‍♀️Are you and your organization quite not there yet? Do you agree or disagree with my thoughts here (I did discuss it with Bing – although the thoughts are my own). Would you like some help to remove blockers and get where I am talking about? I and my colleagues at CloudWay can help you

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