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Did you know that you can delay e-mails and messages in Outlook? Perhaps you’ve used the possibility to delay or schedule sending email messages?

✨With Viva Insight Service Plan it is even easier!

My colleague Lesley (check out her Viva Visionary blog here) and I work in different time zones. We are communicating via Teams, so this way we can both collaborate and communicate off-synch, and it works perfectly. 😀👍🏽

If Lesley was a customer or vendor, and we don’t have a shared team in Teams, I might want to send her an e-mail. However, I might be writing my e-mail at 5 AM in the morning, or at 10 PM at night, as this time worked for me. Still, even though Lesley most likely has set her ❗alerts and notifications to 🔖not disturb if outside normal ⏰work hours, it can be a good idea to delay sending the e-mail so it arrives at least within her normal working hours.

🙆🏽‍♀️In any case, I have written the e-mail, so it’s out of my hair and I can go an do something else on my To-Do list (I hope you too have discovered Microsoft To-Do by the way).🎉

Using the Viva Insight Add-in in Outlook the e-mail will automagically be delayed until her next work day.

How to delay sending e-mails

When you start a new e-mail in Outlook you might not see any Viva Insight Add-in, and it may look like this:

Starting a new e-mail from Outlook. Click the 3 dots (elipse) in the top right corner of the e-mail to see the menu.

Click the 3 dots in the top right corner (ellipse), then choose “Viva Insights” under “Add-in” and you will see a menu for the email. If you haven’t written any name in the “To” field, you’ll get this type of menu:

E-mail menu for Viva Insights

Add recipient

Write the name of the person in the “To”-field and then click the 3 dots in the top right corner, and some magic will happen…well, yes, it is a little bit of magic! Click “Viva Insight” in the Add-in menu and very soon you’ll see a line pops up above the “To”-field.

Schedule time for email-arrival

As you see in this example, the e-mail will be send on Monday, February 28th, even though I am sending this on a Friday. The reason for this is that we have meeting-free Fridays in CloudWay, and in Viva Insights we have set work days to Monday-Thursday, hence, not to be disturbed on Fridays (unless we want to be disturbed 😉).

Viva Insights let me plan when the email will be sent, regardless of when I am writing it

⌛In the delay sentence I can even schedule the time the e-mail should be sent. Click the “Schedule send|Feedback” link, and you can schedule for when the e-mail will be sent out.

Good luck and enjoy gettings things done!😀✨✔️

Read more about Delay delivery plan here!

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