Happy New Year from the Norwegian Microsoft 365 Community!

In the beginning of 2020 we had set a plan for both physical and online meetups for the Norwegian Microsoft 365 Community #NOM365C. Then the corona situation hit, and we thought; now what?! Ok, let’s make it all online, and let’s have the meetups more frequently, and we did, and we changed some of the sessions to cater to the current needs and updates.

We would like to reach out and give a huge THANK YOU!! to all the great and generous speakers, and all the engaged and loyal members of the community! The Norwegian Microsoft 365 Community is ours, for us and by us, and we would love to see more sharing of knowledge, insight and experiences as we move in to 2021. We are #BetterTogether!

The fantastic speakers and sessions in 2020

Teams og hjemmekontor – Tips og erfaringer/Teams and home office – tips and experiences – March 17th

Ståle Hansen, CEO @CloudWay and Microsoft MVP, and Lasse Nordvik Wedø, Consulting Director Innofactor Norge and Microsoft MVP, shared their tips and experiences about working from home. Great discussions and engagement in the meetup.

Teams, To do for oppgavestyring og hjemmekontor – Tips og erfaringer/Teams and home office – tips and experiences – March 24th

Based on popular requests we kept on sharing knowledge and great tips about working from home. This time Ståle Hansen, CEO @CloudWay and Microsoft MVP, shared his tips and experiences about how to structuring tasks and focus hours with the help of tools like Microsoft To Do and the Pomodoro technique. Again great discussion and experience sharing.

Microsoft 365 Community “Campfire”:

Cloud Security – March 31st

As the dates moved along and we realized this “corona-thing” is going to last for a while, we scheduled some “campfire” sessions, come to the fire and get some warmth (aka ideas and tips” to make your work life better, and perhaps private life as well, as these are pretty much interlinked these days).

In this session Lasse Nordvik Wedø, Consulting Director Innofactor Norge and Microsoft MVP, shared insights in how to make the cloud more secure. Great learning points, inspiration and discussions.

Microsoft 365 Community “Campfire”:

Smarte tips for å jobbe mer effektivt/Smart tips for more effective working

Karin Løkke, FastTrack Modern Work Architect in Microsoft, shared smart tips for working more effectively, especially in Teams, PowerPoint, online meetings, as well as other super learning points irrespective of tools. Awesome and inspirational tips and lots of great discussion.

SharePint – better when it is safe to meet again

We also tried to do an online SharePint, after the “campfire” sessions and it didn’t work, one by one dropped off. We concluded that 1 hour online session is the perfect enough solution now when we are working from home, balancing home life and work logistics. We’ll do a proper SharePint when it is safe to meet again in a physical location.

For new members; SharePint is a social gathering after the meetup, and even though it says “pint” – you are of course free to choose any beverage, or none, the agenda here is the social part and the chance to talk with peers.

We are looking forward to be able to meet again!

PowerApp og Power Automate for risikovurdering i NAV/PowerApp and Power Automate for risk evaluation in NAV – April 21st

We love to learn from real life examples, and this time it was Line Songsveen, security coach, and Leif Tore Løvmo, Security architect, IT architecture in NAV. (NAV: The Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration) presenting. Line and Leif Tore shared how they had developed an app with PowerApps and Power Automate to facilitate and document risk evaluations.

Great presentation and awesome solution!

Microsoft 365 Explained – May 5th

Two of our community bautas; Ståle Hansen, CEO @CloudWay and Microsoft MVP, and Knut Relbe-Moe, Product Evangelist and Partner Manager at Valo Intranet and Microsoft MVP/MCT) presented the latest news on licenses and features in Microsoft 365. Great presentations and lots of inspirational learning.

Governance – May 13th

In this session Pål-Erik Winther, Chief Cloud Architect from TietoEvry shared his experience and insight about:

  • Governance
  • Access Permission
  • Privilege identity management

Lots of great learnings and discussions.

Highlights of latest news in Microsoft 365 – June 17th

Ståle Hansen, CEO @CloudWay and Microsoft MVP, Lasse Nordvik Wedø, Consulting Director Innofactor Norge and Microsoft MVP, and Merethe Stave, CCO & Senior Cloud Architect and Microsoft MVP, shared the latest news in the Microsoft 365 and tips about smart functionality and features in the Microsoft platform.

Engaged audience and great discussions.

Microsoft 365 Collaboration Update with Jeff Teper – August 13th

Jeff Teper – Corporate Vice President
Microsoft 365 Collaboration with Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive, also called the father of SharePoint, shared with us the latest on Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive and more including what we’re learning from the surge in remote work and education.

He updated us on our strategy for Microsoft 365 and there were many great discussions and we could kept on discussing and asking questions to the next day. Hope to have you visit us again Jeff! 🙂

Conditional Access Best Practices and News – August 26th

Jan Ketil Skanke, Partner, COO and Principal Cloud Architect @ CloudWay and MVP Enterprise Mobility, presented best practice for Conditional Access in Microsoft 365, why it is important, what he talks about with his customers as well as presented the latest news about the topic. Great discussions, important learning points and engaged audience.

MOCA – Modern Collaboration Architecture – September 16th

Ståle Hansen, CEO @CloudWay and Microsoft MVP, presented a walk trough of the MOCA model and in context of tools for managing tasks and activities in Microsoft 365. Looking at which tools to use as an individual and which tools as a team.

Awesome and inspirational session, and as always an engaged and great audience.

Microsoft Power Platform, best practice and new features – October 21st

The two super gurus on Microsoft Power Platform Chris Huntingford, Partner Technical Architect – Power Platform & Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement at Microsoft, and Ahmad Najjar, Senior Consultant at Infoworker and Microsoft MVP, presented their best practice and new updates, including the new project Oakdale and Power Automate Desktop. Great engagement and the gurus rocked!

Improve your Change Management and Adoption Program – November 18th

The fantastic Tracy van der Schyff shared with us her insights and resources:

Improve your Change Management and Adoption Program with Microsoft Adoption Resources

With so many dashboards and reports, it’s easier than ever to track your Microsoft 365 consumption and adoption, but how do you correct your methods and update your skills? In this session Tracy will share insights on:

· Using the Microsoft Productivity Score
· Other tools and resources you’ll find invaluable in your journey
· The Microsoft Service Adoption Specialist Certification

Many IT Professional job roles now require the knowledge to facilitate change management and adoption, this session is sure to get you started.

Benefits of Attending this Session:
1. Change Management Tools and Resources
2. Change Management Action Plans
3. Guidance for Digital Transformation

Tracy generously shared her presentation and resources with us:

Thank you so much for your generous sharing of insights and resources Tracy, truly inspiring!

Ready, set, go for 2021!

We are ready for 2021 and we will continue to run online meetups and as soon as it is safe enough, we’ll arrange a meetup where we can really see each other in person! We are looking forward to that!

In the meantime, please let us know if there are topics you would like to see more of, if you want to run a presentation yourself, perhaps together with a colleague, consultant and/or customer. We are all on this journey together and we have all a lot to learn, let’s do it together!

Happy new year from the Norwegian Microsoft 365 Community board, here happily chatting with Jeff Teper:

Ståle Hansen & Lasse Nordvik Wedø & Merethe Stave

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